Home Recipes Bean Omelette ("Bachelor's Delight")
As much bacon, onions and green peppers as you like
1 can of pork & beans
1 blob of ketchup
Black pepper
Tabasco sauce
Cocktail sauce
2 - 3 eggs

The mischievous and frolicking John Cartan.
Contributor's Note:
"I can offer a recipe, though I'm afraid it may revolt you. It's bachelor cooking, a recipe I got from my father, and it seems to disgust both vegetarians and carnivores alike."

1. Fry up chopped bacon, onions, and green peppers in a frying pan

2. Add a can of Pork & Beans

3. Squirt in a blob (maybe a quarter cup or so) of catsup

4. Add black pepper and tabasco sauce and cocktail sauce to taste

5. Fry up an omelette in a separate pan

6. Pour filling in and over omelette


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Nutritional Information:
It's probably best not to think about it.

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